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With professionalism, dedication and lordliness for more than 20 years , we provide attendance, information and assintance to our clients in their stay in ny, being on businesses , tourism or leisure.

Our biggest reward during this path is to see professional success and satisfaction of our customers and business partners, as well as the realization of the dream of those who visit new york for the first time.

The following is a list of some of our customers that serve as reference of our excellence :

Presidency of Brazil We serve the presidential entourage for over 10 years!

Embraer PLS serves the Presidents CEO, CFO, directors of EMBRAER for over 15 years!

Rede Globo Mr. Roberto marinho neto and the board of directors.

TV Hosters We worked with some ilustrious hosters of the brazilian tv, as Ana Maria Braga, Luciano Hulck, Gugu Liberato, Silvia Poppovic and later, during her shooting in NY.

We attend delegations of businessmen coming to new york for business meetings , conferences and exhibitions. For more than 5 years , we work with brazilian businessman that attend the international fair of retail, happening annualy in new york.

We worked for more than 10 years with hundreds of teenagers traveling in tour groups to visit new york for the first time . We take these special customers on limousines, for the realization of the dream be complete .

Other of our special clients:

Brazilian American Chambers

Cardinal Turismo

Consulado Geral do Brasil em Nova Iorque

Copas Tur


Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

Embraer USA

Freeman Philanthropic Service, LLC



Grupo Safdie Investimentos

Levy Lighting

Grupo Queiroz Galvão

Siberian Crawford

Solid Independent Advisor

Strategic Staffing Solutions, inc.

Sao Lourenço Turismo

Time Management

Tour Plus

Tunibra Travel

West Central

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